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MachinesDealer is one the biggest offset printing machines dealers in India, selling second-hand offset printing machines to leading print houses in India. At MachinesDealer, you find high quality used offset printing machines directly imported from other countries. The company, founded in 1988, works with a single vision of gaining customer satisfaction by providing them with the highest quality machines at competitive prices. With vivid activities and interest, we have created a business empire that never compromises on quality.

We have a sales list that features only the top offset printing machinery manufacturer, and are in demand by the printing houses in India. Just check our website - rest assured as the second hand offset printing machine you are looking for would be available with us. You can find used offset printing machines from Heidelberg , Komori , KBA , Planeta , Polly , Adast , Akiyama , Polar , MBO , Stahl and Bobst. With years of experience in importing machinery, we have mastered the art of providing the best services to our clients.

We operate out of New Delhi, and have a team that is dedicated to providing the best services possible to our customers. When you purchase second hand offset printing machinery from us, this team works to provide you with a hassle free experience right from the paperwork required to delivery of the machine. With warehouses in and around Delhi, our customers can ask for inspection of machines with prior permission from us.

As one of the biggest offset printing machine dealers in India, not only do we import used offset printing machines directly, we also help printing houses import machinery under their own name, if they desire so.

With a wide a range of options in second hand offset printing machines befitting the biggest offset printing machines dealers in India you can be assured that you will find the printing machinery you are looking for your printing house.

Tips to buy Second Hand Offset Printing Machines

Here are few tips that will help you buy used offset printing machines :-

  • Check the Running Condition - Well, it is not unusual that you won't be able to see the press running, it does affect your estimation of a machine's running ability. Approach an offset machine purchase as you would when buying a used car that is not running. Be skeptical and cautious, and ask for samples of the printing and scrutinize them closely. Look for a dot or a slur that is unusual.
  • Check the Bearers, Cylinders and Auxiliary Equipment - Knowing the condition of the bearers is similar to knowing how often the engine oil was changed in a car. Used offset presses that are well-maintained will have bearers that are good condition. Also, ask for the blankets to be taken off and examine the condition of each and every cylinder.
  • Age - Try to get the latest model. The older the model that you get, the more difficult it would be for you to find components that need replacing. Also, when it comes to age, brand is also a factor.
  • Brand - If you need to pay extra money for good brand equipment, then go for it. The best companies like Hiedelberg, Komori, etc. are in the business for a long period owing to the quality of the equipment they make. Their older models are still highly regarded thanks to their high quality of durability.
  • Upgrades - When it comes to used offset presses, there is much more than just the press. Press manufacturers usually partner with other companies for the auxiliary components, and these components should also be put under examination.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any queries regarding used offset printing machines, you can get in touch with us. We are open to resolving your queries or confusions that you may have. To get in touch with us, you can drop a mail, leave a message on our website or connect through call.