Machine Ref. No. : MD 1221
Machine Serial No. :
Manufacturer :BOBST
Type :102 E
Year :1998
Color(s) :
Size :28X40

Machine Kind: DIE CUTTING

Description :Max. paper size 1020 x 720 mm, Min. Paper size 400 x 350 mm, Upper frame for the cleaning frame
item 2, Lower frame for mounting pins pcs.1, Transverse strips for mounting pins in the bottom
frame, Upper frame for the assembly of the blanking die item 1, Bottom table with steel plate 4mm
pcs.1 Basic technical information Eagle, Number of rollers for foil feeding: 3 rollers, Number of
rolls on the roller: 8 rolls, Max. width of the film 450 mm, Min. Width of the 30 mm film being
fed, Full automatic hot stamping timing, Mechanical collection of openwork.
Availability :Abroad

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