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Planeta Super Variant P44

At, we have on offerPlaneta printing machines and Planeta offset printing machines that are well-known for their excellent performance, high scale production, prompt functioning and low maintenance features. Planeta Super Variant P44 is one of the best printing machines available in the market today,a four color offset machine that enables mass-production printing and limits the manufacturing costs by a wide margin. It isa straight machine that comes installed with a variable-control for monitoring energy, vari-damp dampening for maintaining a stable ink-water balance, blanket washer that keeps the printing blanket clean, quick clamps for holding the rubber/metal sheet, powder spray for making air gaps between the print sheets and rollers for easy movement of the paper. Witha size of 40x28 inch,Planeta Super Variant P44 can work for approximately 10,000-13,000 hours.